Friday, August 29, 2008

About Me/ Why?

About Me:
My name is Dave and I am a graphic designer. I have been studying graphic design for the last 8 years starting in high school . To this day, I try to learn new things about design every day.

I am by no means an expert on graphic design.

I studied at my high school's career and technical center for the full 3 year program, and attended college for multimedia and web design then went on to study digital recording arts focusing on graphics. During my schooling I participated in the Skills USA VICA regional, state, and national competitions for Advertising Design. In high school, I won state level secondary (high school) competition in 2003, 2004, 2005 and went to the national level competition in 2005 where I came in 5th. In college I competed again, went to the nationals and came in 11th place in the post-secondary (college) level of the same competition.

After college, I worked part time in a screen printing and vinyl sign shop where I had to "un learn" every thing that I was taught. Here I developed a deeper hatred for certain fonts, out lines/ strokes, and text warp effects. One of the popular things I did that the boss wanted was for me to "stretch" this and "squash" that and slap a nice big stroke on it with a solid drop shadow. Then at times I was told to "use my creativity and what I learned" and create something, then the boss would look at it, make changes and it wound up looking like a tired old template from a 1983 clip art catalog. Sadly, and thankfully I did not take any of the work I created there with me for my portfolio when I left.

From there I found a full time job doing what I was taught to do and love. It is an international company that produces exercise equipment and I am in charge of designing and maintaining all the print material for the 9 different languages we cater to, as well as updating and maintaining the website. There are some thing that I don't like about it (like not being allowed to use a serif type face), but there are things in all jobs that we don't like.

After I work here for a while, I plan on going back to art school and becoming a teacher of sorts, to follow in the footprints of my high school graphic design teacher who taught me so much about the industry, and life.

Why this blog:
After working at the t-shirt shop and creating those erm... lovely graphics, I have really opened my eyes further and noticed how much of this "quality" design work is around. Also I am constantly searching the web, my city, and anything else I can get my hands on for examples of good design that I like and can use as an inspiration to help me learn and better my self.

This blog is supposed to serve as a some what humorous way of showing what others what not to do, and to give suggestions as to how to improve.

I will be posting images found on the internet, photos I have taken, reader submissions and comments as well as what ever else examples of bad graphic design I can get my hands on.

I will not post links to the original artist/ designer's website to be fair to them, and so nobody here flames them.


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