Friday, August 29, 2008

Fonts: A HUGE Pet Peeve

Here are three fonts that just need to die and never be used ever again. They are: Brush Script MT, Comic Sans MS, and Papyrus. There are a whole lot more that I can add to this list, but these are the main 3 that yank my chain. If you don't know what they are, see below:
1.) Brush Script MT. Over used. This was the font that I used a lot of for "Under new management" and "Coming soon" and anything else that is supposed to stand out, or look "fancy". This was used usually in red, had an arch, and was angled. Sometimes stretched taller.

2.) Comic Sans MS. Pretty much ugly and over used. Back in the hay day of the interwebs this was a commonly used font. Everybody who has a computer has this font. The font was usually used on a brightly colored, or animated star background, and set in yellow or some other color choice that made you want to vomit. To this day, it seems like 13 year old girls use it for their MySpace pages and in the grown up world it is used to add some "flair" or a "casual" look to what ever the creator is putting to gether.

3.) Papyrus. Just bad in general. This is used to make things appear antique, elegant, rustic, exotic, but is generally misused. A local graphic designer uses this font as their logo... the WHOLE logo.

There are a slew of other fonts that I think should die, but I won't get into them now. Maybe another post, another day.

For alternative fonts to use instead of these listed above, look through your computer's font library and if nothing comes of that, check out They have many free fonts that you can use. Just check the description on them. Some are labled as "Free for personal use", those are the ones that you cannot use for anything that you are selling or for your business. DaFont also lists where the font came from, so if you have questions about how you can use it, you can contact the creator.



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