Friday, October 31, 2008


Hooray for inapropriate font use. I found this little advert in a high-class UK newspaper's classified section.

Last time I checked surveyors are the people who measure land to find property lines, make sure you can build in a certain area, or keep track of the pipes and water mains under ground. So please tell me why you would a child's handwriting font for your main logo? Also, Comic Sans for the rest of the text? I hope to god that they fired whomever made this small ad.

If you have a peek at the website, you get this florid coral pink page with the logo in white. And each of the 2 links goes to the same page. Thank god that they fit the subject matter so much better than these ads and splash page.

Suggestions? Use a more conservative font and color. Something serif, and a business suit color.

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