Thursday, September 18, 2008

Art Store E-Mail Ads

So, like every red-blooded American who likes the arts, I have a number of email subscritions to local art stores. These are helpful because the let you know of any sales going on, and some times them give you a few coupons.

I just this one from A.C.Moore, a popular chain of arts and craft stores.
Click to enlarge.

No offense, but did somebody just learn how to use Photoshop? How can I tell? Now I didn't design this so I dont know of the resoning on the positioning of the elements, but to some people in the field, I'm sure, it looks like it lacks thought, like some one said "Oh, I like this effect, and I'll have to use it -- a lot." and "This will look good smooshed against the side of the page.

It is an awkward size, relatively long. If I were designing this, I would keep it like 640 x 480 pixels, maybe 800 x 600. That way you don't have to scroll down all the way to see the graphic.

And what is with the stretched out pink outline text at the bottom?

What I would have done, if I had the task of creating this, would make the "Share, Dream, Create" kind of a gag line. Maybe keep the pastel colors, and lower the opacity a tad and over lay "Come see what the buzz is all about" in a flat color using auto letter height and width. I would but the "body copy" to one side in an easy to read paragraph style with the graphic of the person holding the sign to the opposite side. Lastly, I would make "Go to the A.C.Moore Forum" stand out a lot more, not like an after thought.

I tried to be constructive this time....



Blogger Kris said...

Oh god outline text....isn't that illegal yet?

It should be....

I like the idea of the randomly placed text to draw your eyes to different points of the ad, but...that big blue horizontal stripe across the middle kills it for me.

September 25, 2008 at 10:03 AM  

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