Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here is a logo for a small and relatively local printing and copying company.

The image doesn't enlarge much more

One of the things this company offers is "Graphic Design" which is headed by a "21 year employee of the company" and offers technical skills in PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Well... If this logo, which is supposed to represent the company, does what it is supposed to, we can tell that the designer has mastered the solid brush tool, paint bucket fill tool and render clouds effect.

It looks like they need to brush up on their Illustrator and pen tool a bit. I know it will sound cliche, but maybe splash a CMYK color swatch across the sails or as an underline of the last line of text to bring in some of the feel that they do printing...

One last thing, on their website (I won't link it to protect them) when you click on certain links on the splash, the frame set pages of content show up as "Untitled Document". Not getting a lot of points there either.


On a side, there is a billboard near my work that I would LOVE to snap a picture of and blog about! Maybe next time I am stuck in traffic next to it I'll snap a shot with my cell.



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