Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Word to my People

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This is the banner for one guy's blog about computer graphics. In his bio on the blog he states that he has been studying and researching computer graphics for 15 years and he will never stop learning. The blog is full of different effects that you can do for images, bitmaps, and text. Now what I gather is that he is in the process of designing software that can perform these effects. Some comments he has gotten say things like "Big deal, Photoshop can do this in 2 seconds", but I think I'll cut him some slack. He has the patients to develop and program software for image editing, props to him.

Sadly, based on the banner, it doesn't look like he has looked much into design end of computer graphics. The logo I think is great. I like the idea of the cursor with a brush and pen for fingers and the RGB swatches fit perfectly. One thing that I would try is to try and make it so the cursor is holding a pencil...

The composition of the banner is in need of some help. The "Picture To People" text is very hard to read. The spacing is very awkward and there is way too much white space. I would suggust to keep number of fonts to a minimum. I would use one font for the main title, something very easy to read and understand, and use a second for the sub text, this can be serif. Three different fonts would be the absolute maximum that I would use, but the less the better. If you want something in the subtext to stand out, I suggust making it a little bigger, bolder, add and underline or changing the color.

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