Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Article: America's Most Fonted : The 7 Worst Fonts

LMNOP has a fun little article about the 7 worst fonts. Guess which is number 1... Our friend Comic Sans.
Ugly fonts, cutesy fonts, unreadable fonts, bad fonts . . . they have terrorized us for far too long, infiltrating our homes via e-mail, IM, and low-rent ValPak ads. Here, LMNOP presents the seven worst fonts--and the people who use them.
About Curlz MT...
Curlz MT picks up where Comic Sans left off in terms of forced casualness and raises you a big sack of illegibility. Even before this font was so totally overused, it was really only good in small doses. Anyone who uses this font today for e-mail or IM is just totally nuts, because you are basically saying that the actual content and readability of your e-mail is secondary to the real message you want to get across, i.e., "LOOK AT ME! AREN'T I WHIMSICAL? DON'T YOU LOVE HOW EVEN A BORING E-MAIL ABOUT CARPOOLING TO SOCCER PRACTICE CAN BE MADE FUN AND FANCIFUL WHEN YOU PUT CURLY SERIFS ON THE WORDS?" Curlz MT is not a font; it's a cry for help.

Common abusers: Middle-aged ex-cheerleaders trying to hold on to the magic of the good old days; women who have woken up at the age of 40 and realized they never did the fun things they wanted to do
Probable famous user: Britney Spears
See also: Gigi

Make sure you check out LMNOP to read the full article. It is well worth the read!



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